360° Assestment




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The Tool:

A 360° Assessment can be a powerful tool that many top organizations use to measure the effectiveness of their managers and key personnel. The 360° Assessment captures the knowledge of the people who know the most about the participant from every point of view. They are the people who work most closely with the participant and are in the best position to observe his or her management style. 360° Assessments reveal important strengths the organization can build on and weaknesses that should be addressed.


The Process:

We begin with an initial meeting with the individual that will be assessed to determine the parameters and level of transparency. Once the assessors have been chosen, the participant and his/her assessors are sent a digital assessment form for their scoring and comments.

Upon completion, the forms are returned to PJ Group.

If necessary, personal/phone interviews are conducted between the PJG coach and the assessors for more in-depth input. Once the assessments are assimilated the PJG coach meets with the participant and presents the findings, feedback and course of action.

We don't just provide the findings of the 360° Assessment ...we also provide the necessary tools, training and support for the individual's further development.