CAPE® Analysis




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Determine your own communication skills, or those of your personnel through an indepth four-part analysis

The PJ Group CAPE® Analysis enables analysis & assessment of your communication areas and provides you with awareness of your priorities and effectiveness, in relation to your work role.


You will be able to answer questions like:

  • Does the time and importance I place in my work roles relate to the strategic business plans of my organization?
  • Do I invest sufficient time and effort in what I/my organization deem as extremely important
  • Do I have the appropriate competence in my most important communication areas?
  • Do I allocate communication assignments to the person/s best suited for the task?
  • What priorities should I give to my personnel training and development?
  • Do I use the right communication method and style for the right purpose
  • What are my strenghts and which areas do I need to improve in?


The four parts of the CAPE® Analysis:


Part 1 - Mapping communication areas (how and where you spend your time, the importance, etc.)


Part 2 - Personal assessment (how your communication skills match your specific needs)


Part 3 - Personal interview (determine the priorities that should be given)


Part 4 - Providing the results (determining a course for effectiveness)