Career & Talent Management




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Stage 3- FORWARD:

In this final stage you make the transition.

Here you:


  • Develop a razor sharp CV
  • Become the interviewer instead of the interviewee
  • Target "the best fit" positions
  • Rehearse for the interview
  • Reach your goal!

Career & Talent Management is not a luxury …it's a necessity!

Are you in a transition period in your work, or just interested in knowing you are on the right track? Do you know your specific talents and how to capitalise on these in your life and in your work?

Sadly, too many people go through life, only to realise much too late that they should have taken the time (far earlier in their lives) to investigate their strengths, their talents and utilise these in determining their career paths.


As an employee, when your work role matches perfectly with your strengths, skills and talents the satisfaction and rewards are unmeasurable! As an employer, having the right people in the right positions would undoubtedly make all the difference to your business success! You cannot afford to have unmotivated or mismatched personnel!


The PJ Group Career/Talent Management process entails a structured 3-stage INWARD - OUTWARD - FORWARD process which enables individuals to first determine their motivational skills, their talents and their strengths, then investigate the perfect job match and finally learn how to get there!


Stage 1 - INWARD:

Through guidance from a skilled Career/Talent Councillor, and with practical tools you conduct a self-inventory where you get a good understanding of:


  • What are you talents, how do you use these best?
  • What are your key interests?
  • What are your motivational skills?
  • What are your key values?
  • What drives you?
  • What have you achieved/accomplished?
  • How do your friends and colleagues perceive you?
  • What type of person are you?
  • What are your hurdles and barriers?
  • What is the lifestyle you want?



Stage 2- OUTWARD:

You conduct a future analysis and investigate various work areas and roles that match with your person (as revealed in Stage 1).

In this stage you:


  • Determine and set short and long term goals
  • Examine and establish you resource and support criteria
  • Develop your network
  • Benchmark potential work roles, industries and businesses (either within, or outside your current employment)